Atlantik Sisyphon

Fotos by David Ulrich

Cologne based electronic duo ATLANTIK first hooked up with SISYPHOS after a set stealing performance at Germany´s FUSION Festival in 2012 saw them invited to play the Berlin club – 9 months later they´re the only non-Berliners to join SISYPHOS´s new spin-off label and DJ agency SISYPHON. While they stress they´re not DJs (´we play a techno live set and consider ourselves as a band´) they are clear about both what they do and the type of music they make.

"The words that describe our music best are ´melodic, deep, hard, progressive. The sound has a clear touch of minimal techno but it is not minimal," ATLANTIK declares. "As far as performing is concerned, we always arrange our own songs live in a new context and we have separate distinct roles: one of us plays drums, the other one plays bass and melodies - the words," they explain.

Growing up together ´since Kindergarten´, the friends started messing around at home making techno together in 2008, becoming ´ATLANTIK´ in 2010.

During their school years, both studied violin and played together in school orchestras and later

local bands, going on to explore drum and bass and dubstep before settling into their current deep progressive techno style.

Despite playing at SISYPHOS monthly, both still identify with Cologne citing their ten years of clubbing there as cementing their ATLANTIK sound.

Selected by SISYPHOS to deliver the label´s debut release ´SISYPHON001´ which came out in April 2013 featuring ATLANTIK´s ´Mont Blanc´ and ´Heist´ (including a crisp remix by ANDREAS HENNEBERG), the duo also released the ´Bruellhase EP´ on ACKER RECORDS and ´En Passant EP´ on underground Berlin imprint KELLER in July 2013.

"We are super inspired and productive at the moment and as well as working on several new releases, we are also concentrating on constantly improving our live-set," ATLANTIK enthuses - "Are we ready for take off? Hell yes," they laugh.

"We´re really happy and proud to be involved with SISYPHOS - we love the club´s diverse, crazy and super-friendly crowd, its architecture and the fact it´s open from Friday to Monday. We are looking forward to see how the SISY family will develop."


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