Fidelity Kastrow Sisyphon

Fotos by David Ulrich

Berlin raised FIDELITY KASTROW played her first DJ-gig in 2007 in her hometown Berlin and landed her first international DJ-gig only two months after at London underground house institution EGG.

Two months later, she played at TRESOR´s re-opening weekend at their new venue, subsequently becoming a regular guest DJ at the legendary German techno Mecca. She went on to headline the main rooms of UK superclubs including SEONE, MASS and CANVAS when joining London´s wildly popular alternative fetish institution TORTURE GARDEN as a resident by the end of 2007 and picked up a monthly residency at TRESOR in 2009. In 2010, she played her debut at SISYPHOS and joined Berlin´s fastest growing underground warehouse club as a monthly resident in 2012.

"SISYPHOS is super special to me, it´s full of witches and wizards and vast amounts of magical energy," says FIDELITY KASTROW. "It has this Gaia energy somehow, it´s difficult to put into words. It´s a unique, very underground and somewhat wild location with amazing decoration and light installations that change all the time, so it´s like going to a new club everytime. It´s also got a very friendly, kind and generous atmosphere. I don´t know of any current places that can compare."

In between spinning at European festivals including EXIT (Serbia), SUMMER OF LOVE (Czech Republic), SOUTERRAIN PORTE (France), NEOFEST (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and SECRET ISLAND NATION (Sweden) – FIDELITY KASTROW played London´s hippest fashionista haunts such as WET YOURSELF and TRAILER TRASH amidst trips to Greece (SECOND SKIN), Norway (FUGAZI), Mauritius (BUDDAH), Croatia (PORAT),

Lithuania (WOO) and Slovenia (K4) – while paying her dues on Berlin´s underground circuit clubs including the likes of RUMMELS BUCHT, RITTER BUTZKE, RENATE and KATERHOLZIG.

Spinning emotional, energetic, high-intensity techno and house, she nowadays plays most often at SISYPHOS´ mighty HAMMAHALLE floor – the Berlin underground club´s cavernous FUNKTION ONE-filled dark beating heart.

"I´ve always loved loud and bombastic music...and techno has touched me deeply since the first time I discovered it. I experience techno as very liberating for me and I love to scream along to it at the top of my lungs when it comes to a peak.“ FIDELITY KASTROW says of her passion for tough yet cathartic tunes. “Techno really helps me deal with feelings of anger and aggression while it´s also strangely spiritual to me."

Alongside performing, FIDELITY KASTROW co-presents the weekly radio show BERLIN SOUL which is broadcast across an expanding international network spanning 55 terrestrial FM stations plus web broadcasters including PIONEER DJ RADIO (Ibiza), DANCE PARADISE (Brazil / South America), UNDERGROUND FG (France) and BLN.FM (Germany).

As a songwriter, lyricist and vocalist she´s written and co-written tracks and delivered vocals for INSPIRAL CARPET´s MARTYN WALSH´s latest project SPARTAK. Her last single 21st CENTURY GIRL featuring her debut music video directed by TILMANN KUENZEL, appears alongside tracks from the PET SHOP BOYS & SAM TAYLOR-WOOD, DEPECHE MODE and BAD LIEUTENANT (NEW ORDER) on MARK REEDER´s CD/DVD remix album FIVE POINT ONE, distributed worldwide by ROUGH TRADE.


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