Foolik Sisyphon

Fotos by David Ulrich

Taking up DJing in 2009, SISYPHOS resident FOOLIK has rapidly established himself as one of the busiest and most in-demand DJs on Berlin´s underground club and outdoor scene, spinning a driving ´pushy´ tech flavoured selection of house music designed to pack - and rock - any dance-floor.

Wandering into SISYPHOS for the first time in 2011 and being ´completely overwhelmed by its energy´, as FOOLIK recalls, the young Berliner (he´s still only in his early 20s) quickly became a regular punter before making his DJ debut - spinning a four hour back-to-back session with friend (and also nowadays fellow SISYPHOS resident) LEON LICHT - at the club´s chapel-like after-hour floor WINTERGARTEN.

18 months on, he´s often to be found DJing at Berlin underground clubs including KATERHOLZIG, RUMMELS BUCHT, WATERGATE, GOLDEN GATE and CHALET in between his residency gigs at his home base SISYPHOS.

Spinning house, tech-house and even techno

sets on occasion (depending on which of SISYPHOS´ four floors he´s DJing on), he´s unusually flexible though focused, delivering a driving, original and always energetic sound.

“I rarely plan sets, for me it´s all about capturing the moment,” FOOLIK explains, “I´m always selecting new music before each gig but only during my set I decide in which direction I´ll take it as the party unfolds.”

Though born and raised in Berlin, FOOLIK´s quick to stress he doesn´t see himself as just a ´Berlin DJ´, declaring: “A DJ is a DJ, whether they are from Berlin, Hamburg or Tel Aviv.”

Impressively grounded, FOOLIK dismisses being asked if he´s superstitious with the retort: “Superstition only creates problems in the head when there are actually none“. However, he´s less certain when quizzed about phobias.

“I´m absolutely terrified of spiders,” FOOLIK laughs, “Well, any that are bigger than a pinhead.“


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