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At the age of 14, this Colombian Citizen began with an entrepreneurial search for musical interests that has brought him to where he stands today.

For a period of two years, Julez worked as a DJ and empirical broadcaster in diverse radio stations; getting to know, follow and learn from the best participants of the DJ scene all around Colombia. At the age of 16 he was able to experience the stage for the very first time, becoming quickly the choice of several clubs and private parties.
In 1997, and in search of improvement, Julez moved to Europe, where he has managed to enthrall people with his talent. He has had the honor to play in different European

countries such as in France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, and Spain, among others, being the latest the one that brought him up to fame. In this country and in diverse clubs, beach clubs, and lounge bars – among others the worldwide famous Ibiza Café del Mar, Penelope, Ibiza White Experience. – Julez thrilled people with his music.
This recognition let him to experiment with the American scene, where he moved for a short period of time. In this country he had the opportunity to bring his art to the people of Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston and Miami.
In 2011 Julez decided to move to Hamburg in Germany, where the desire to learn new trends and his hard work have consolidated him as part of the Germany’s nightlife musical setting.

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