Matthias Meyer Watergate

Hailing from the quiet lands of Lueneberg outside Hamburg, Matthias Meyer has cut quite a name for himself in the last few years – particularly as a DJ, a producer, and key member of the influential Liebe*Detail crew.

Matthais’s passion for tough yet emotive dance-floor moments has seen him become firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of the more discerning corner of the underground, evidenced by his recent elevation to resident at Berlin’s legendary Watergate club. Energized and inspired by the hi-tech sounds of Detroit and Chicago as a youth, Matthais sought out like-minded people in nearby Hamburg, reveling in the diverse club scene. Shortly after, Matthais and some friends brought the Sfunkt DJ collective in to existence, on a mission to spread the electronic message to small-town Germany, and signaling the path that Matthais would soon follow. Together with the Sfunkt crew and his close friend and future production partner Patlac, Matthias began to play bigger and better venues, to more and more acclaim. His horizons began to broaden, and his production skills sharpened, resulting in the release of his debut track, 'Reichenbach', on Hamburg's much-loved Liebe*Detail label in 2006. Hard-edged and powerful, Reichenbach summed up Meyer's mutual love of vintage Detroit and the experimentation of Germany's growing electronic movement. Follow up releases 'Voltage', and eventually 'Tout Va Bien', ‘Skipper’ and ‘Salt City’ each further refined and defined what has become an instantly recognizable sound – characterized by intricate details, raw organic textures and a rich, positive vibe that instantly transports dance-floors to

the next level of rapture. As each of these tracks became classics in their time, so too did 2009’s ‘Infinity’ – an exquisite slice of electronic art released on Liebe*Detail that rightfully created a intense buzz amongst tastemakers such as Derrick May and countless music lovers all over the world. The long running relationship with Liebe*Detail also led to 2013’s exceptional Ostinato EP, a worthy follow up to the epic More or Less on Cécille Records. Matthias has broken through into spotlight thanks to his uniquely passionate take on house music. His love of rich, energetic club music full of texture, life and heart propels him forward, with his production energies now focused on completing his first full album. Complimenting this is his unfathomably natural skills behind the decks, allowing him full scope to present his very human, endearing take on electronic music to increasingly large and smitten crowds. Newly appointed as resident at Watergate, his passion for rolling grooves and evolving, emotive musical
stories is given free reign of expression. Now working to curate his own
nights at the infamous Berlin venue, Mayer is now perfectly positioned to
further fulfill his huge potential –both by bringing select guests to the
club and exploring his own musical visions with a fervent fan base
behind him.
As requests for original tracks and remixes flood in, Matthias remains
grounded. For him the groove is the most important thing. He doesn't
rush his music, rather he spends as much time as is needed perfecting his
art. For this reason he will remain a very special commodity, a true artist
and true creator.

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